Martijn van Kekem

Front-end developer who's up for a challenge.
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Some things I'm good at

During a project, I'll make sure we keep in touch from time to time and update you about the progress and give you the possibility to provide feedback on what's finished.
Facing a challenge
When there is a (big) challenge in front of me, I'm not afraid to take on such a challenge. I'm open to learning new languages and widen my horizon in order to achieve the goal.
When somebody provides me with an unusual project or asks me to provide support with a project he's currently working on, I'd love to assist in any way possible.
Achieving the goals
I'm not someone who gives up easily. When something is hard to do, or a deadline is coming near, you can count on me that the job will get done before the time runs out.

Some things I've made

A website for handyman Kees van Kerkoerle.
A Tizen Watch app for all sports referees.
An application which receives telemetry data from a Formula 1 game.

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